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Mortgage Life Insurance FAQ

Some of the more common queries we get asked regarding our Mortgage Life Insurance.

What is Mortgage Life Insurance?

With Mortgage Life Insurance you can ensure that your mortgage will be looked after if you were to pass away unexpectedly or suffer a critical illness. You will be insured for the value of your mortgage while you are paying it back. You may have also seen this kind of insurance referred to as ‘decreasing term insurance’. This can allow your family to continue to live in the home that you’ve built up even if you can’t pay the mortgage.

How does Mortgage Life Insurance work?

As you might imagine this works in line with your mortgage. So when you are applying for the insurance you will be insured for the remainder of your mortgage. Then over time as it decreases the cost of the insurance will go down.

Does Mortgage Life Insurance cost a lot?

This will depend on how much your mortgage is worth. While the initial cost of the premiums could be high over time they will decrease in line with your mortgage.

Is Mortgage Life Insurance worth it?

Your family home is something that has taken a long time to build up. Wouldn’t it be great to have the peace of mind of knowing that your family can continue to live there no matter what happens? That’s what mortgage life insurance can offer you and your loved ones. It can be hard to manage expenses especially when there’s one less source of income. This kind of insurance can take some of the weight off the ones you care about most.

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