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Life Insurance

Life insurance is a means of financially protecting the ones you love most. It allows you to leave your dependents a cash lump sum that’s paid out when you pass away.

Life & Critical Illness

Securing life insurance with critical illness protection means you're protected should you end up seriously ill or injured. Your family are also financially protected in the event of your death.

Mortgage Life Insurance

Help protect your loved ones from outstanding mortgage repayments should you pass away unexpectedly. The payout for this type of insurance can be used to pay off your mortgage.

Over 50s Life Insurance

Over 50s Life Insurance is guaranteed for UK residents aged 50-80. It can be used to help your loved ones with costs associated with end of life expenses and funeral costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a way of making sure your dependents have some financial support if you pass away. It is a type of insurance policy that pays a benefit amount to your loved ones if you die.

The benefit amount your family receive can be used to pay off outstanding debts like your mortgage in full, keep up with utilities and living costs or it can be used to help cover costs associated with your funeral or other end-of-life expenses.

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How does life insurance work?

You agree on how much cover you would like, how long you want it to last and who will receive the benefit amount. As long as you keep up with your monthly premiums, the policy will pay out to your chosen beneficiaries when you die. They will receive a lump sum payment to use as they see fit.

If you choose a level term policy, your rate of monthly premiums will remain fixed for the duration of your policy. Likewise, if you take out an Over 50s policy, you can expect to pay a fixed rate of premiums. If you choose a decreasing term policy like Mortgage Protection Cover, your payments and benefit amount reduce over time.

If you choose Life Insurance with Critical Illness, your policy will also payout if you can no longer provide for your loved ones due to serious illness or injury.

Who needs life insurance?

If you believe your family may face financial hardship without your contribution to the household, then it’s worthwhile considering life insurance. Life insurance offers financial security for you and your family.

Losing a loved one is tough enough without the added burden of financial stress. Life insurance makes things easier for your loved ones during a difficult time.

How much does life insurance cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The cost of your policy will depend on:

• The type of policy
• Your benefit amount i.e. how much cover you need
• Policy term i.e. how long you want the cover to last
• Age
• Health and medical history (including your family’s medical history)
• Lifestyle i.e. drinking, smoking
• Personal circumstances
• If you choose add-ons such as critical illness cover.

During the application process, insurers will ask questions based on these factors to determine the cost of your monthly premiums. Since providers offer different deals, it’s a good idea to compare to find the right cover, at the right price.

How do I know what type of cover is right for me?

The type of life insurance cover you need will depend on your personal circumstances.

New homeowners – taking out life insurance while you have a mortgage can help you to protect your loved ones from outstanding mortgage repayments should you pass away unexpectedly. Once your claim has been approved the payout can be used to pay off your mortgage in full.

Protecting your dependents – if you’re married, you have children or you’re financially responsible for other individuals, you may need life insurance. If you pass away, this kind of cover can provide financial support for your dependents.

Protecting against funeral costs – if you’re aged 50-80, you could use an Over 50s Life Insurance policy to help cover costs associated with your funeral or other end of life expenses.

You may wish to add critical illness cover to your life insurance policy to protect you in the case that you are diagnosed as critically ill or you become disabled and can no longer provide for your family.

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